Product Description

The sensory squares provide a fun way to aid your child in color recognition, touch sensitivity, counting and association activities.

The product consists of a master set of nine separate squares. Each square is 12”x 12”. The squares attached to a background sheet that measures 40”x 41”. The squares vary in color and texture (i.e. smooth, rough, light, dark, fabric or vinyl).  There are two additional sets of 9 squares.

- Helps in associating and identifying various textures and colors
- Helps reduce hyper or hypo sensitivity to textures
- Can be used on a table, floor or mounted to a wall
- Holds the attention and reduces the boredom
- Allows the caregiver to create different educational
   tasks for the user

912480 - Sensory Square Sheet with Texture Panel (A)

$ 48.80

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