Skil-Care Car Trip Bundle

Product Description

Traveling in a car with any medical issues can present challenges, and having certain Skil-Care products on hand can be beneficial during such trips.  For example, individuals with back pain or discomfort can use our seat & back cushion to provide extra comfort and support during long car rides.

Skil-Care Full Product Bundle 
707038 Car Pack, 914366 Backrest Seat Combo & 501011 Synthetic Sheepskin Pad

707038 - Car Pack - 14"W x 18"H - U/M: Each
914366 - Backrest Seat Combo w/Gel-Foam Vinyl X-Cushion - 16"W - U/M: Each
501011 - Synthetic Sheepskin Pad, White - 24"L x 30"W - U/M: Each

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$ 104.35

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