Skil-Care Corporation's alarm units are essential tools for ensuring patient safety and security in healthcare settings. Designed with advanced technology and user-friendly features, these alarm units provide reliable monitoring and alert systems to notify caregivers of patient movement or potential risks. With customizable settings and adjustable sensitivity levels, Skil-Care's alarm units offer versatile solutions for various patient care needs. Easy to install and operate, these alarms enhance caregiver responsiveness and enable timely interventions, ultimately promoting a safer and more secure patient environment. Trust Skil-Care's alarm units to provide peace of mind and effective monitoring for optimal patient care.

Alarm Units

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Resident Safety

$ 15.80
Personal Alarm

Resident Safety

$ 36.05
MultiPro Alarm Unit

Resident Safety

$ 63.35
ChairPro Alarm Alarm System

Multi-Purpose Cushion

$ 55.55