30 Degree Bed System w/Slider Sheet & Two 16" Wedges

Product Description

This unique bed positioning and transfer system off-loads the coccyx and sacral areas for residents who have decubitus ulcers in that area or for those who are prone to the problem because of their immobility for extended periods. The system comes with two 30 degree side-lying positioning wedges designed to promote proper body alignment and offloading while eliminating the need of multiple pillows. The slider/ transfer sheet has multiple handles to accommodate multiple caregivers at various locations.
Made in the USA.

556150 - Bed Positioning System
556151 - Two 16"L Wedges
556152 - Replacement Nylon Positioning Sheet

Size: Two 16"L 30 Degree Wedges, 50"L x 38"W Nylon Positioning Sheet

$ 73.45

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