Adjustable Weighted Blanket

Product Description

Weighted Blankets provide a calming effect for those with special needs, anxiety and/or having difficulty in falling asleep. They are also useful in a stressful situations, such as when patients are in the hospital undergoing an MRI. The Adjustable Weighted Blanket will provide gentle pressure similar to swaddling or a loving hug.

• Provides calmness and comfort

• Provides gentle pressure similar to swaddling

• Helps with sleep issues and restlessness

• Weights designed for children and adults

• Individual pockets allows for customization of weight distribution

• Ultra soft micro-fiber, non-allergenic and launderable cover

 5lbs. gel pack consists of eight 10oz gel weights

• There is no metal parts in this blanket and can be

   used in any hospital settings

Note: Blanket and weights are sold separately

914000 - 54"L x 36"W - 36 Pockets
914006 - 63"L x 42"W - 49 Pockets
914008 - Gel Weights, 8 Pieces at 10oz each

$ 67.80