Position Plus Contour Cushion

Product Description

This pressure relief and redistribution cushion provides stability with four gel filled pods.

• Water-based gel relieves pressure and cools the skin to
  prevent breakdown caused by perspiration and heat build-up

• Side gel pods improve lateral stability by controlling 
  left-right leaning

• Front gel pods control forward sliding by eliminating posterior       
  pelvic rotation

• Rear gel pods provides pressure relief in the coccyx area

• High-density foam adds comfort and prevents bottoming out

• Incontinent-proof vinyl inner cover prevents urine from
  entering cushion

• Option available of Visco elastic foam or gel pad for relief of   
  coccyx pressure

• Low-Shear I launderable outer cover reduces shear forces

• Inner vinyl cover wipes clean for easy care

• Firm Foundation

751420 - 16"W x 16"D x 2.5"H
751435 - 18"W x 16"D x 2.5"H

$ 92.90

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