Safe & Sound Fall Mat

Product Description

This impact reduction folding floor mat. It can be placed next to a bed or chair of at-risk patients to cushion impact and help reduce injuries from falls. The mat is engineered with a thin, floor hugging perimeter with a gradual incline and anti-slide bottom. The beveled edge permits carts, chairs and IV stands to roll over easily and will not impede walking activities or patient stability. The mat is covered with an easy to clean, water resistant PVC material with anti-bacterial protection. The mat meets stringent FRCFR1630 fire code rating. This easy-to-clean mat can be mopped with typical hospital floor cleaning products. The Mat is Latex Free.

911570 - Folding
911575 - Non-Folding

Size: 70"L x 24"W x 3/4"H

$ 98.45

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