Ultra-Cushion Wedged

Product Description

The ultimate in pressure relief, redistribution, comfort, and support with an added wedged firm foundation that levels all wheelchair seat surfaces and helps maintain a 90° neutral base.

• Firm foundation eliminates pressure caused by sling-seats

• Optimally reduces pressure and redistribution with a water-based     
  gel surface that provides benefits of cooling

• High-density foam increases comfort and stability

• Contoured base rests below seat frame
  so user sits lower in wheelchair

• Available Low-Shear I wipe-clean
  outer cover reduces skin damaging friction

• Incontinent-proof, inner vinyl cover prevent urine from
  entering cushion

754130 - Ultra Gel-Foam Vinyl Wedge Cushion w/LSI Cover
               18"W x 16"D x 4"H x 1.5"H

$ 86.45

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