Skil-Care Outdoor Bundle

Product Description

Skil-Care outdoor products can indeed enhance safety and enable loved ones to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining their independence and safety.  Outdoor activities may expose your loved one to various weather conditions like extreme cold, rain, or wind. Medical products such as Skil-care's Smokers Apron, Lap Blanket and Rain Cape can enhance and protect your loved one while letting them enjoy everything mother nature has to offer.

Skil-Care Full Product Bundle 
906010 Smokers Apron, 914761 Lap Blanket Hand Warmer & 203080 Rain Cape

906010 - Smokers Apron, White - 30"L x 32"W - U/M: Each
914761 -  Lap Blanket w/Hand Warmer - One Size - U/M: Each
703080 - Rain Cape - One Size - U/M: Each

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$ 99.00

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