Skil-Care Bathroom Bundle

Product Description

Having Skil-Care products readily available in the bathroom can indeed be beneficial for preventing injuries and addressing minor health concerns.  With Skil-Care in your bathroom we can help address minor health concerns promptly, preventing them from worsening or becoming more serious.

Skil-Care Full Product Bundle 
909110 Shower Chair Safety Belt, 909250 Slip-Grip, 913030 Bath Mitt &
909376 Gel-Foam Toilet Seat Alarm Cushion

909110 - Shower Chair Safety Belt - 60"L - U/M Each
909250 - Slip-Grip, Non-Slip Matting, Blue - 144"L x 12"W - U/M: Roll
913030 - Bath Mitt - One Size - U/M: Each
909376 - Gel-Foam Toilet Seat Alarm Cushion - 15"W x 18.5"D(Cushion Size)
(Includes; ChairPro Alarm, Toilet Seat Cushion/Sensor Pad)- U/M: Set

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$ 155.05

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